Pendulum Rides For Sale

Brief Description Of Pendulum Rides

Pendulum rides refer to amusement rides based on the motion of a large fixed pendulum. Well, rides that can be considered pendulum rides on the market include giant frisbee ride for sale, small spining pendulum ride for sale, pirate ship ride for sale and swinging boat ride for sale. Usually a pendulum ride for sale consists of an open seated gondola or round cockpit, an arm and an axle. The arm extends beyond the axle and the gondola or cockpit swings back and forth by hanging the center horizontal column. In addition, the rotating gondola can revolve on its own axis and may send riders through a complete inversion. The thrilling spinning ride for sale is a kind of international prevailing entertainment facility generally for carnivals, parks, fairground and family entertainment centers.

360 degree giant frisbee ride for sale
Quality B013-GB30A 360° Giant Frisbee Thrill Rides

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giant frisbee ride for sale
B038-GB2302 Beston Giant Frisbee Amusement Rides

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Pendulum thrill ride is a necessary item in amusement park and theme park. Though not exactly the same in shape, pendulum amusement park rides are artistically decorated with scientific structure, exquisite workmanship and advanced functions. Riding on the high speed rotating pendulum ride, tourists rock and roll themselves, with a dazzling and thrilling feeling. They could not help screaming and exclaiming, which greatly improves joyful atmosphere of the entire playground. Thus many visitors linger and are reluctant to go away.

360 degree giant frisbee ride for sale

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Where Pendulum Ride Weightlessness Comes From?

Pendulum rides for sale are a little like the swing you might remember from your childhood. Swing gives people a feeling of flying in a controlled manner. You stretch out and take back your legs to increase the height of swing’s arc and enjoy the increasing speed of downward swing. Riders often experience weightlessness as they reach the peak of a pendulum ride. For example, the pendulum ride frisbee ride for sale, with a complete 360 degrees circle, allows passengers to have a feeling of complete weightlessness.

giant frisbee amusement ride
B013-GB23B Beston 360° Giant Frisbee Rides

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Do you know where pendulum ride weightlessness comes from? well, let’s look at some pendulum ride physics. The weightlessness feeling rider has when riding a giant pendulum ride does not come from by a decrease in forces of gravitation. What a rider feels is actually the force seat pushing on the body. The seat’s push counteracts the gravitational force pushing downward. Therefore, the rider has a sensation of weighing less than his normal weight and has no pressure other than gravitational forces pushing down on him, creating a feeling of weightlessness.

Structural Characteristics Of Pendulum Ride

Pendulum ride for sale is a common amusement facility in amusement park that every park owner should get. What’s about structural characteristics of spinning ride? We might understand them one by one. We might obtain structural stress of the pendulum ride and all parts through overall structure analysis. However, we cannot simplify the operating mode of pendulum ride to statics, and need to explain it by dynamics. Modal analysis is the foundation of dynamics analysis. Hanging arm of pendulum ride swings periodically. Thus we conduct modal analysis for the full structure of pendulum. Then we will avoid resonance in advance before design.

BNPS-18H Beston small pirate ship in community
BNPS-18H Beston small pirate ship in community

Column of pendulum amusement ride for sale is compressed slender member. When load reaches or exceeds certain limit, slender member will be unsteady. Besides strength issue, buckling stability of pendulum for sale is an important thing to take into account. In Beston factory, our experts calculate influence of arm swinging on the whole structure respectively at full load and partial load based upon dynamics evaluation and analysis; structural stress of column when swing angle of spining pendulum ride takes 120°, 90°and 45°; buckling analysis; analysis on driving and braking of arm; modal analysis of the whole structure, which provides data support for smooth and safe production and operation.

Advantages Of Beston Pendulum Ride For Sale

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional import and export company specialized in manufacturing and vendition of amusement equipment for sale for over twenty years. We are direct amusement park rides manufacturers concentrating on design, development, production and sale of kiddie rides and carnival rides for sale at home and abroad. With 600 skilled technical workers and 50 excellent designers and modernized workshops covering 63000 square meters, carnival rides for sale in our factory win trust and praise from clients all over the world. Under the efforts of our team, our fairground rides for sale are exported to Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, Nigeria, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Beston Group is a top China amusement ride manufacturer engaged in designing and producing various amusement rides. Especially pendulum ride has received a favorable response. Firstly, through static analysis, we acquire maximum line velocity, angular velocity, acceleration, centrifugal inertia force of large arm and gondola and lay the foundation for strength analysis and actual test according to structural characteristics and performance data. Secondly, starting from cockpit, we analyze main structure of pendulum ride one after another. If necessary, we can construct finite element method analysis model so as to calculate detailed stress distribution. Moreover, we conduct strength verification for important welding seam and bolt.

Thirdly, Beston makes further calculation analysis on other important components such as safety lever and seat framework. We has determined the stress test position combined with experiment field and equipment condition. Beston adopts TDR 3.1 remote sensing data recording system and BE120-3CA resistance strain gauge to measure the selected part; and then tests results and theoretical analysis data.

Why Choose Beston Amusement Rides?

Beston Group follows the above-mentioned rules and programs of kiddie rides and thrill rides. Our products are very popular in kindergarten, school, fairground, community and shopping center, also hot selling all over the world. And our company is one of notable children amusement equipment enterprise with largest sales. Beston Company has set up new product research center, mode design center, marketing service center, and constantly introduces the most progressive production equipment process, and always drives specialized technical level to the top in the same industry. If you want to buy a pendulum ride for park, you are welcome to contact Beston.

Products in our company has passed Germany TUV EN 1176 certificate, CE certificate, Canada CSA safety standards, America ASTM as well as GB/T28001-2001 occupational, health and safety management system, ISO9001: 2008 standard, and other product technology patents. Adhering to management idea of “integrity, pragmatics, efficiency and innovation”, we determine enterprise mission of “world brand and industry serving the country”, actively participate in public service and make contribution to global amusement rides industry.

Features Of Beston Kids Amusement Rides Pendulum Rides For Sale

  • Factory direct, quality assurance and best price
  • Made of super thicker steel and FRP, stable, corrosion-resistant and environmental
  • Assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs, thrilling safety
  • Fadeless, painted with powerful antiseptic car paint imported from Germany
  • SGS, COS, CIQ, ISO, CO, BV, China CE and other international standards
  • Beston amusement pendulum rides for sale is customizable and small order is acceptable
  • Free issues: packing list, related drawings, free accessories, CD installation and invoice